Friday, 6 June 2014

Fun in the Sun, an erotic anthology that features one of my stories, is available for purchase! My story is called "From the Beach to the Prison Bus." It's about two friends, Amy and June, who are vacationing in Galveston, TX. They decide to have a little girls gone wild moment, by flashing their breasts at the men on the prison bus. Here's an excerpt:

June unbuckled her seatbelt and pushed herself up, so that her naked upper body was outside the car. She whooped. A few moments later, she sat back down, flushed and glowing with excitement. “Fucking hell, that was fun.” She rolled the window back up.

Amy was shaking so hard she could barely drive. “I cannot believe you did that. What, the fuck, is wrong with you.”

“You should do it, too. You’ve got much nicer tits than I do. Here, I’ll hold the steering wheel.” June fastened her bikini behind her back and flipped her wavy, wet hair forward so she could tie the strings around her neck.

Amy didn’t answer. She knew June was right about her fantastic breasts. They were 38DD, but high and firm, with small, pale pink areolas. Her nipples were exquisitely sensitive, and even though she didn’t need to make them seem any bigger, she had to wear a padded bra to keep from telegraphing every time she got cold or excited. But in spite of her perfect boobs, Amy never felt sexy. She was too ashamed of her thick thighs and big, round backside.

She almost never felt good in clothes. It was hard to find pants in her size, because if they fit through the hips, they were huge in the waist. And in a swimsuit, she felt ridiculously, obscenely exposed, unlike the skinny girls who could wear a thong and a crocheted-hanky top and still look decent.

She was struck by a sudden realization. The guys on this prison bus, she thought, are not going to judge me. If I flash them out the window, they won’t even see my big fat ass. A cold certainty washed over her as she realized she was going to do it.

“Take the wheel,” she said. Before she could change her mind, Amy ripped off her t-shirt and unhooked her bra. The hot Texas wind blasted her face as she rolled down the window. She let the car drift into the slow lane and watched the bus approaching in her rear-view mirror. When it got close, Amy eased her foot off the gas pedal and, as the white bus passed her car, she stood up, grasping the edge of the car door and pushing herself halfway out the driver’s side window.

As the white bus sped by, the men’s face were a blur of wide-open mouths and eyes. Then they were gone.

Amy sat back down, still topless, and took the steering wheel back from June. She had never felt so beautiful, so desired. Her pussy tingled and pulsed with every bump in the road. “Oh, my god, that was the most fun thing I’ve ever done,” she said.

Just a bit of harmless fun, right? But things get much more serious when Amy pulls into a truck stop for fuel and the young women find that the prison bus has broken down and the inmates want to meet them in person. I hope you'll check it out! And, if you do, leave a review or comment here and tell me what you thought of it.