Friday, 18 July 2014

Smut by the Sea, Vol 3

I just discovered that Smut by the Sea, vol 3 is available on Amazon! It includes my story, "Uncharted Waters." It's about Lily, who finds herself almost uncontrollably attracted to her husband's best friend. Here's an excerpt:

“Hey Marshall, check that out,” Brian said. He pointed at a topless girl who had just emerged from the waves. She stood, completely unselfconscious, squeezing the water out of her long, blond hair.
Marshall looked impressed. “You don’t see that in the States. What about you, Lily? Do you ever go topless on the beach?”
She giggled but didn’t reply. She was getting hornier and wetter by the minute. After an hour or so, Lily’s teeth started to chatter, in spite of the warmth of Brian and Marshall’s bodies. They walked back to the apartment, Lily with the beach blanket wrapped around her.
Once inside, Marshall yawned and said, “The jetlag is killing me. See you all in the morning.” He went to the guest room, closing the door behind him.
As soon as the latch clicked, Lily threw herself into Brian’s arms and kissed him. She pushed him across the living room until they reached the couch. She made him sit. She climbed onto Brian’s lap, facing him, and unbuttoned his jeans.
“What are you doing?” He said. “Marshall might see.”
“No he won’t,” she said. “He’s wiped out. Jetlag. He’s probably asleep already.” She unzipped Brian's pants and kissed him hard as she snaked her hand down into his underwear. He was soft.
“What’s gotten into you?” Brian said, raining little kisses on her nose, her cheeks, her eyelids.
“What’s with you?” She shot back. “We spent the last hour down at the beach, watching all the half-naked hotties, and you’re as limp as an overcooked noodle.”
He pushed her shirt up and kissed her breasts, sliding his lips along the lacy edge of her bra. He said. “I was just pointing them out for Marshall, trying to show him there’s plenty of fish in the sea. Those girls don’t do that much for me. Not like you.” He peeled the lace down so her nipples peeked out, and squeezed her breasts together. He licked the cleavage, looking up into her eyes. “See, I’m getting hard now.”
It was true. Lily pulled down his jeans and the elastic of his boxers, and his cock jumped up. She squirmed off his lap, down onto the floor, knelt between his legs, and licked the head of it a few times. Then she pulled Brian to the floor and made him lie between the couch and coffee table. She wiggled out of her skirt and underwear and knelt over him with her hands on his shoulders. The tip of his cock touched her pussy. She rolled her hips so it slid back and forth between her lips, and then lowered herself onto it. She was so wet it didn’t need any help slipping inside. She arched her back and rocked her hips, grinding her clit against his pubic bone.
            Brian squeezed her breasts, as Lily closed her eyes and imagined that his hands were Marshall’s hands. She pictured Marshall standing behind her, imagined herself leaning back against his thighs as she rode Brian’s cock. In her fantasy, Marshall’s erection was right behind her head. Her hair rubbed against it as she fucked Brian. She imagined Marshall kneading her breasts as he looked down at the two of them ...

I've also downloaded my copy of the book, and I'll post a review here when I finish reading.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Vanessa de Sade

You know how 'literary erotica' stories are usually stilted, confusing, and not-at-all sexy? Well, I've been devouring stories by an author who's the opposite of that. Vanessa de Sade writes stories that appeal to my personal triggers -- exhibitionism, sexually aggressive women, one-night-stands. Her voice is lush, lyrical and startling.

So far, my favorites by Vanessa are her new short story collection, Black and White Movies, and her fairy tale-inspired In the Forests of the Night.

It occurred to me that, amid all the talk about the transgressive, her stories violate some real taboos of erotica. That is, they often deal with the taboo emotions of sadness, loneliness, and loss. It's easy to simplify the idea of taboo into a ban on content (underage, bestiality), but the unacceptability of certain emotions is more subtle. I've been reading as much erotica as possible lately, and it looks to me like fear is fine, humiliation is acceptable, anger is okay, lust is obviously encouraged, and anxiety is common. But sadness is not allowed.

Vanessa's stories take on loss in a visceral way. And yet they manage to be very, very hot. You should check them out.