Monday, 8 September 2014

New release -- the Milk Round

Guess what just came out? The Milk Round, an anthology of erotic stories about human milking.

I never expected to write lactation erotica. In fact, I didn't even know that this particular niche existed. When I saw the call for submissions, I had to write something. I was a breastfeeding counselor for 10 years, facilitating support groups, doing phone and online-support and home visits, so I had plenty of real-world expertise with breastfeeding to draw on. The story itself popped into my head almost fully formed -- a science fiction tale with shadowy government agents, a deadly biological weapon and a mad scientist as well as our lovely milk-making heroine. But could I make it erotic? You'll have to read the story and let me know.

If you download the Milk Round, here's what you'll get.

The first story, A Simple Procedure, is by the inimitable Vanessa de Sade, one my writing crushes, and it did not disappoint. It's written in her usual lush, unique style, a fairy-tale within a frame story within another frame story. A voluptuous peasant girl and an icy queen have a lesbian encounter, the king joins in, there's a scary encounter with a shape-shifting wolf, and lots and lots of delicious milk.

Next is my story, Operation White Gold! Instead of a synopsis, I'll give you an excerpt. At this point in the story, Brigit has just been informed that an enemy country is planning to use a biological weapon to wipe out the U.S. population. The only hope is to manufacture an antiserum from her milk.

Brigit tried to free her hand from his grip, but he held her firmly. She said, “It’s true that I’m breastfeeding, but so are lots of other mothers. What makes you think that I have this, this gene, or whatever it is.” The mention of milk brought Brigit’s attention back to her throbbing breasts. The swollen things strained against the fabric of her blouse as she spoke, her buttons gaping to expose her lacy bra and cleavage.
“The CDC requisitioned blood tests from all the women in the United States who have been pregnant in the past year. Yours was one of the tiny minority to show homozygosity for this particular mutation.”
Brigit jumped to her feet and clenched her fists. “How dare you analyse my blood test without my permission! That can not be legal.”
Dr. Fleiss responded softly. “In a situation like this, everything becomes legal. Our intelligence has shown that the enemy country is manufacturing a huge supply of the weapon. We are absolutely certain that they plan to use it within the next three months. Our job is to manufacture enough of the antiserum, within that same time frame, to protect the entire population of the United States. If that can’t be done, then some hard decisions are ahead.”
Brigit sank back into her chair. “You need my milk.”
“We do. We need all the milk you can provide and more. We need it desperately. The lives of your fellow citizens depend upon it.”
“Do I have a choice?”
Dr. Fleiss smiled sadly. “We’d much prefer that you’d cooperate voluntarily. Think of it. You’ll be a hero.”
“What about my baby? You can’t expect me to just go off and leave Jaden. I’m a single mother, you know. I’m all he’s got.”
“Miss Connelly, think of the big picture. What kind of world will little Jaden live in if you don’t help us? I give you my word he’ll be well taken care of.”
“I’ll do it.” Brigit sighed. “I don’t know exactly what your plan is, but I trust you.”

The plane’s engines roared to life and the two agents sat and buckled their seatbelts. As they began to taxi down the runway, Dr. Fleiss said, “I’m glad to know you’re committed, because your job won’t be easy.”

 Next is The Trickle-Down Effect, by Jean Roberta. Funnily enough, I was just introduced to Jean a few days ago when I read an unpublished story of hers that I absolutely loved. Her offering for the Milk Round makes quite a contrast with the over-the-top style of the first two stories. The Trickle-Down Effect is a sweet and very realistic account of the life of a couple with a new baby. It's gently sensual and touching.

Then there's Welcome Home, by Maxine Hooper, and Hot Milk by V.C. Both are about couples getting the most enjoyment possible out of the woman's milk.

That's it! I hope you'll read this anthology and let me know how you like it. But maybe not if lactation turns you off. I know it's not for everybody.