Tuesday, 20 August 2013

flash fiction: elusive little o

"Have you ever had a vaginal orgasm?"

"Penis only? No hands, no toys?" She took a drag from her cigarette, blew the smoke out into the moonlight. "Once, girlfriend. A long time ago."

Her friend raised a beer to her lips. She set the glass back down on the arm of her lawn chair. "What happened?"

"I was dating a guy who was awful in bed. Don't laugh. I mean, he was the worst. He'd get hard, shove it in, pump away for half a minute. Done. No foreplay, no afterplay. After a while, I gave up even trying to get turned on."

"Why'd you keep seeing him?"

"He was nice, I guess. Anyway, we were hanging out on a Saturday. Every couple of hours he'd want to screw again."


"Yeah, we were only twenty. The third time that morning, I was waiting for him to finish, just letting my mind wander when, Bam! I had an orgasm. Out of nowhere."


"It was just a little one, but still. He had no idea. I thought about telling him, but it would have been too awkward." She smoked and listened to the cicadas. "Have you ever?"

"Nope. Never have."


  1. I love the conversation in this. It feels really natural.

  2. Thanks, Huck! That's a huge compliment coming from you.